Life in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific NW strikes the perfect balance of nature and city. From sea to sky, amid evergreen forests rising to the peaks of snow-capped mountains, the region attracts people from around the world who are drawn to the natural beauty of its lush environment, health-conscious lifestyle, multicultural diversity and economic prosperity.

It’s no wonder that people from around the world seek to move here and that the Seattle real estate market has captured the interests not only of those seeking a vibrant lifestyle, but also of global investors.

As one of our area’s leading real estate professionals, Rene Stern owes her success to many factors, including her extensive experience in the Seattle real estate market with a primary focus and unsurpassed knowledge of Queen Anne. Her ongoing professional training, fastidious attention to detail, high level of personal service, use of the latest technologies, and, expertise in marketing make her one of the most sought after Realtors by Buyers and Sellers. Rene also excels at the negotiating table, navigating even the most challenging situations with grace and ease.

“Each day in this business is challenging, fun, and inspiring.” she says. “The secret is to work hard and have integrity. I am proof that you can reach the top of your game without sacrificing your values.”

Rene Stern Windermere Real Estate