Rene Stern Windermere
Rene Stern Windermere

My Philosophy

Just as selecting a physician, attorney or an accountant is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly, the same holds true for selecting a real estate professional to represent you. While knowledge is crucial, hard work, unsurpassed service and caring is what sets real estate professionals apart.

When I decided to put the service of my clients first and foremost, it was the best decision I ever made. While I watched other real estate professionals spend 80% of their time trying to find new clients, I soon found I had plenty of work because my reputation for superior service attracted clients to me. Today, referrals are the core of my business and I strive to create “lifetime clients” in each relationship.

That starts by knowing that you will rely on me for direction and insight in the weeks and months ahead, and my pledge to do everything I can to guide you wisely. My focus is to give you as much knowledge as you need to comfortably purchase or sell your next home with as little stress as possible. It is my promise to be your advocate.

I truly love being of service to my clients, and as the saying goes: love what you do, and everything else will follow. I have found that to be true.